December 13, 2023

Tenants Rights When Landlord Sells Property in Missouri

As a landlord in Missouri, it is crucial to understand tenants rights when you sell your rental house as-is for cash. This article will provide you with valuable information about the legal protections afforded to tenants during a rental property sale in Missouri. By knowing your rights, you can navigate the process with confidence and ensure a smooth transition.

Notice Requirements for Tenants

When a property is put up for sale in Missouri, there are specific notice requirements that landlords must follow to inform tenants of the impending sale. Landlords are legally required to provide advance notice to tenants, allowing them enough time to make necessary arrangements. The timeframe and methods of providing notice may vary depending on the circumstances.

  • In Missouri, the law mandates that tenants be given at least 30 days' notice before the property is shown to potential buyers. This notice must be provided in writing and include the date and time of the first showing.
  • Landlords must also inform tenants of their rights during property showings, including the right to reasonable privacy and protection against unreasonable disturbances.
  • Tenants have the right to request reasonable accommodations if they have disabilities that may be affected by property showings.

Rights Regarding Property Showings

As a tenant in Missouri, you have certain rights when it comes to property showings during the selling process. The law dictates that landlords must provide reasonable notice before entering the property for showings, typically 24 hours in advance. This notice should include the date, time, and purpose of the showing.

Landlords are not allowed to conduct excessive or unreasonable showings that disrupt the tenant's right to quiet enjoyment of the property. Missouri laws also restrict the timing of property showings.

Landlords cannot schedule showings during unreasonable hours, such as late at night or early in the morning. Additionally, landlords must take steps to ensure that potential buyers do not interfere with the tenant's daily routine or cause unnecessary inconvenience.

Lease Agreements and Sale of Property

When a property is sold in Missouri, the lease agreement between the tenant and the previous landlord remains in effect. The lease agreement acts as a binding contract that transfers to the new property owner. Therefore, tenants have the right to continue occupying the property until the lease expires, regardless of the change in ownership.

However, it is essential to review the terms of your lease agreement to understand any provisions related to the sale of the property. Some lease agreements may include an early termination clause that allows the landlord to terminate the lease if the property is sold.

If your lease contains such a clause, the new property owner must honor it. In cases where the lease does not include a termination due to sale clause, the tenant's right to remain in the property is protected until the lease expires.

Security Deposits and Property Sale

When a property is sold in Missouri, the handling of security deposits is an important aspect that tenants should be aware of. The security deposit is held by the landlord as a form of financial protection against potential damages or unpaid rent. The laws in Missouri outline specific procedures for transferring and returning security deposits during a property sale.

The old property owner is responsible for transferring the security deposit to the new property owner. The new property owner assumes the obligations of returning the security deposit to the tenant at the end of the tenancy. Tenants should make sure that the security deposit is properly transferred and that they have written documentation of the transfer.

Tenant's Right to Remain in the Property

Tenants in Missouri have the right to continue occupying the property even after it is sold. The sale of a property does not automatically terminate a tenant's lease or grant the new property owner the right to evict the tenant. As long as the tenant is fulfilling the terms of their lease agreement, they have the right to remain in the property until the lease expires.

However, understand the terms of lease continuity or eviction under new ownership. The new property owner may have the option to terminate the lease if they intend to use the property for personal use or if they plan to make substantial renovations. In such cases, the tenant must be provided with proper notice and given adequate time to vacate the premises.

Legal Recourse for Violations of Tenant Rights

If your rights as a tenant are violated during a property sale in Missouri, you have legal remedies available. Tenants can file complaints or take legal actions against landlords or new property owners who fail to adhere to the laws protecting tenant rights.

There are resources available to tenants in Missouri who require legal assistance. Local legal aid organizations and tenant advocacy groups can provide guidance and support. They can help tenants understand their rights, navigate the legal system, and advocate on their behalf if necessary.

Notifying Tenants of the Sale

When a landlord decides to sell a rental property in Missouri, they have certain responsibilities to inform tenants about the sale. Landlords must provide adequate notice to tenants, both in terms of content and timing. Failure to provide proper notice can have consequences for the landlord.

The notice provided to tenants must include essential information such as the fact that the property is being sold, the name and contact information of the new property owner or real estate agent involved. Any changes that may affect the tenant's rights or obligations. It is crucial for tenants to receive this notice in a timely manner to allow them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Is Selling a Rental House As-Is for Cash in Missouri Legal?

What Is a Cash Home Sale?

A cash home sale is a transaction in which the buyer purchases the property with cash, without the need for financing or a mortgage. This type of sale can offer advantages to both the buyer and the seller, as it eliminates the complexities and delays associated with traditional financing options.

How Does a Cash Home Sale Work for Rental Properties?

In Missouri, it is legal for a landlord to sell a rental house for cash. However, it is essential to consider the rights and obligations of the tenants during the sale process. The lease agreement is tied to the property, and the new property owner must honor the terms of the lease until it expires. Therefore, tenants have the right to continue occupying the property, even if it is sold in a cash home sale.

Can a Landlord Legally Sell a Rental House With Tenants for Cash?

Yes, a landlord can legally sell a rental house with tenants in Missouri, even in a cash home sale. However, the tenants' rights must be respected, and the terms of their lease agreement must be honored by the new property owner. The sale of the property does not automatically terminate the lease or grant the new owner the right to evict the tenants.

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